5 R's of the Environment

  • We have often referred to the 3R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. If you look closely at these so called ecological pointers there is a glaring lack.

    Definitely written on the "consumerist" context i.e. where "consuming" is the norm, we were asked to reduce our consumption, reuse whatever we have left and then recycle where possible. But are these really ecological?

    Far from it! Where is the reference to protection of the environment, conserving our resources? I therefore add two more R's to bring in this needed dimension - Reforms and Renew.

    Reforming pertains to our attitudes to nature. We have continued to believe that resources are there to be used, greed and avarice have made us to exploit both nature and other human beings. These attitudes need to be reformed so we can be better stewards of our resources.

    Then the next "R" renew. A true ecological dictum will include a call to renew the earth's dwindling resources. So much is dying around us. So much is being destroyed. Once our attitudes are reformed, we will go about our task of renewing the resources around us and not adding to their depletion.

    So in effect, I am talking bout 5 R's of the Environmental movements.

    Reduce - Reuse - Recycle - Reform - Renew

    Let's get to work!